Sasha Bailey Presents “Worry Machine”


“The Worry Machine”


Produced by Sasha Bailey

Written by Sasha Bailey / Directed by Sam Burris

Performed by Drew Combes, Sofie Franco, Aimee Fillippi, Steven Tran


55 minutes | Rated 13+

Feb 25 @ 7:30pm | Feb 27 @ 5:30pm | Feb 28 @ 7pm | Mar 5 @ 4pm

In a town that exists without worries, one girl seeks out the fears and anxiety that the Worry Machine, an invention of a clever tinkerer, has done away with. But her persistent search for answers lead to a major breakdown of the machine, releasing twenty years of worry onto a previously worry free town. When the town calls for her to set things right, she discovers through her journey that a world without fear also lacks love. And a life without duality can deceive an entire town.

Summary: What are you so worried about? Toss your cares and fears away! The Worry Machine is here to stay.

Keywords: Theater, Music, Comedy, Drama