The Completely Unremarkable “Hey, I’m Average.”


The Completely Unremarkable “Hey, I’m Average.”

by Squatch Tanztheater


Just two average people, putting on an average show, for an average ticket price, in an average place, for an average audienceHey, Im Average.

Squatch Tanztheater, is thrilled to present Hey, Im Average.a contemporary dance theater work, as a part of the Seattle Fringe Festival 2017.

In Hey, Im Average., Squatch Tanztheater uses expressive movement, song, humor, and text to examine the moments in which we question our own mediocrity. Hey, I’m Average.looks at the hardship of being unremarkable, while simultaneously examining its validity. We are here to embrace a life of averageness. We are here to push our average levels to the limit. We are here, we are ordinary, and ultimately we dont care what you think (except that we totally do, and youll see that too)!

We, Alyssa Casey and Shane Donohue, co-founded Squatch Tanztheater as a way to investigate both our life experiences and the world around us. We are committed to contemporary performance that finds honesty in sensation, composition, and emotionpromoting a process with limitless possibilities for expression. We believe in compromise. Together, we find the balance between freedom and rules, indulgence and necessity, and individuality and universality. We are passionate about how individuals within a context effect a construct as we explore the importance of self reflection, experience, and perspective. Committing to emotional and physical truths in a world where who we think we should be is more important than who we are is one of the most radically productive acts we can perform.

Within the creation of this work, we have been investigating the reciprocal relationship between us, as directors. While we come from a similar vein, our life perspectives are radically different. We delve into highly collaborative work that, by arguing, discussing, and decision making, is in constant conversation with itself. We challenge each other. We hold expectations for each other and ourselves. We make art together to become our best selves. Squatch Tanztheater aims to create a relationship with the audience like that between us, its directors. We will laugh, cry, yell and hopefully, grow to deeply and honestly understand each other.

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