The Libertinis Present “Uncle Seagull”


“Uncle Seagull”

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Created and performed by The Libertinis: Tootsie Spangles, Hattie HellKat, Woody Shticks

90 minutes | Rated 13+

TPS Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory

Feb 26 @ 9pm | Feb 27 @ 9pm | Mar 4 @ 9pm | Mar 5 @ 9pm

Stuck in a cherry orchard with no way back to the sea, three seagull sisters insist on a life of propriety,adventure, and toil amidst endless cherry pits and the bleak antics of the humans below. But when the orchard of their childhood changes right beneath their webbed feet, will Katya, Vera, and Sasha summon the courage to fly?

Summary: The Libertinis, Seattle’s sexiest interarts gang, present equal parts love letter and ransom note to your favorite Russian Anton Chekhov. Everybirdy hurts.

Keywords: Theater, Dance, Music, Burlesque, Comedy, Drama, LGBT, Clown