Take a Trip w/ “Roadheadz: A New Narrative Burlesque”

Take a Trip with “Roadheadz: A New Narrative Burlesque”

by Sasha Bailey & OKFine Collaborations


“We all love a good road trip. There’s something in the white lines ticking by on asphalt, gas station iced tea, the sense of finding a the familiar in the unfamiliar. When I first starting writing, ROADHEADZ, we had just finished a whirlwind spring/summer of producing my previous show DUMP! and I had decided to take my little dog and my partner on a road trip back to Montana in a newly inherited Oldsmobile.

The name ROADHEADZ had sprung from a drunken night with a good friend, but I didn’t have the story yet. I knew what I wanted it to look like, campy, fun, a little gross. I even had a main character, Sherri Rose, very loosely based on the character in The Grapes of Wrath, Rose of Sharon. I let it all roll around in my head as I drove. Piecing together the moments and characters, speeding through country sides and small towns, I had a rough outline by the time we returned. It was a fine piece, cute, good songs. But, much like the characters I had written, it was directionless. It needed a spine, a purpose.

I put it away for a while, worked on other projects. A month went by, then two, then it was November. The election hit, shocking everyone drinking PBR and watching CNN on Capitol Hill. When the final results came in I had cried, held my friends while they cried, and switched from PBR to whiskey. I woke up too early the next morning with focused anger. Pounding the keys on my computer, I sharpened scenes, deleted fluff, and filled my characters with all the rage and hopelessness I was feeling myself. Because that is what art is for, right?

Now, more than ever, is not the time to make quiet art. We need to present reality with the unreal, and soften our hearts to the hurting world. So join us for a wild and wacky ride, we’ll rage at the current state of affairs, question how we can make things better, all while taking our clothes off to some really excellent music.”

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