Totally Solid Gold! Deep Squats


Totally Solid Gold! Deep Squats

Created and Produced by The Busted Ankle Dancers

Director Craig Trolli & Jennifer Parker

Video Production and Media Shawn McConaghy, Choreography JenRenee Fairlane & Emma Hassett


Showtimes: 3/24  11pm, 3/26  5:30pm, 3/31  9:45pm

      Run time: 45  min    Rating: “M” for MATURE recommended for ages 18+         Totally Solid Gold is a mixture of video and live performance spoofing the 1980s hit TV show Solid Gold. The Busted Ankle Dancers is a comedy dance troupe that sometimes follows their choreography but mostly not. Is it dance? Is it comedy? Is it drag? Is it all of those things? We don’t really know so you’ll have to go and see for yourself. Free train wrecks for the first 1000 audience members! Performed By Craig Trolli, Jennifer Parker, Shawn McConaghy, Peter Benjamin Farrar, Ryan McAtee

Keywords: Comedy, Parody or Satire, Performance Art, Dance, Music, Video

This Show May Contain Adult Language, Partial or Burlesque-Style Nudity, Sexuality or Simulated Sexual Depictions, Strobe or Quick Flashing Lights