Busted Ankle Dancers Presents “Totally Solid Gold!”


“Totally Solid Gold!”

TICKET LINK: click4tix.com/fringe/gold

Produced by Busted Ankle Dancers

Created & Directed by Craig Trolli, Jennifer Parker, Shawn McConaghy

Performed by Amanduh, Craig Trolli, Jennifer Parker, JenRenee Paulson, and more!


55 minutes | Rated Mature

Feb 27 @ 7:30pm | Feb 28 @ 2pm | Mar 4 @ 9pm | Mar 5 @ 4pm

The New York Times described the hit TV series Solid Gold as “mini-dramas…of covetousness, lust and aerobic toning.” Fans of Solid Gold will get to see touchstones of the 70s/80s TV show live: flashy costumes, circular set pieces, and glittery flop sweat! They will hear cheesy hits from the past, full-throated lip syncing, and the panting of the dancers! They will feel the energy, and also feel that they could become Solid Gold dancers themselves, in fact, pretty much anyone could!

Summary: A live parody of the classic TV show, with an amateur comedy dance troupe dancing to 80s radio hits!

Keywords: Theater, Dance, Music, Comedy, LGBT

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