Family Triptych

Created by Valerie Mannucci, Jenni Taggart,

and Bradetta Vines

Produced By Chasing Blue Moonlight

Directed by Adrian D. Cameron


Showtimes: 3/23  6:30pm, 3/25  9:00pm, 3/30  8:15pm, 4/1  11:00am

Run Time: 60 min  Rating: “E” for EVERYONE recommended for all ages

 In the world premiere of Family Triptych, three women take you on a cross-country trek with a theatrical triad of stories. In Wyoming, a scandalized nurse buys a hotel and turns it into a make-shift maternity ward, becoming a family’s matriarch with no children of her own. In Missouri, a mother accidentally infuses her daughter with a feminist foundation while navigating an alcoholic husband, religion, and rattlesnakes. And in Manhattan, the bittersweet task of sorting through her mother’s belongings helps a daughter confront her own struggles between attachment and letting go.

Keywords: Solo Performance, Women