2017 Seattle Fringe Festival Shows

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March 23- April 1, 2017 

28 shows! 5 Venues! 2 Jam-Packed Weekends of Live Performance!

at Seattle Center Armory & Eclectic Theater


(Click Title For Description)
Title Venue Genre
Askew Eclectic Theater Scripted Theatre
Becoming More Less Crazy Eclectic Theater Scripted Theatre
BLACK! Eclectic Theater or TPS Studio Solo Performance
CARRY WE OPENLY Center Theatre Scripted Theatre
continuum Center Theatre Dance Theatre
Cuddling with Strippers Blackbox Solo Performance
Dancing on the Wall Blackbox Dance Theatre
Dean Jacob’s Funeral Theatre4 Scripted Theatre
Death and Taxes Center Theatre Improv
Dragon Baby Blackbox Scripted Theatre
Family Triptych Eclectic Theater Scripted Theatre
Fringe Fest Is Such A Drag Blackbox Drag
HAVOC! Theatre4 Scripted Theatre
Hey, I’m Average. Eclectic Theater Dance Theatre
If I Were Me… I’d Know What I Want Studio Scripted Theatre
ROADHEADZ: A New Narrative Burlesque Center Theatre Scripted Theatre
Savage in Limbo Blackbox Burlesque
Shakespeare Dice: Twelfth Night Blackbox Experimental
The Adventures of Rocketman and Beano Center Theatre Clown
The Black Eye Society: A Cycle Theatre4 Scripted Theatre
The Drunken Tenor Center Theatre Opera/comedy
The Midway Liar Center Theatre Scripted Theatre
The Gay Uncle Explains It All To You Theatre4 Performance Art
This Is My Dinner Theatre4 Musical or Opera
Totally Solid Gold – Deep Squats Theatre4 Comedy
War Bride Eclectic Theater Scripted Theatre
What Would Our Mothers Think? Studio Scripted Theatre
Woman Without Her Coat Eclectic Theater Scripted Theatre

And Introducing “FringeProv” 

Where Local Improv Troupes Perform in the Theatre Puget Sound Studio Venue!

“Bring the Spontaneity!”

Carskee Improv:


Captain & Patriarch:


Rock Bottom:


Fools Play:


Out Of The Box:


Yolanda and Andy: Firsts:


God Bless Ya: