Lyssandra Norton Presents “Self-Composed”

Self-Composed Marketing Image



Produced by Lyssandra Norton

Written & Directed by Lyssandra Norton

Performed by Gabrielle Deede, Sam Turner, Jesse LaTourette, Jason Huff, Francesca Betancourt, Melissa Schenter


55 minutes | Rated 13+

Feb 25 @ 9pm | Feb 27 @ 4pm | Feb 28 @ 7pm | Mar 5 @ 7:30pm

Tucker wants nothing more than for his OCD to disappear and for his best friend to stop making such a big deal about all this ‘self definition’ crap. Charlie wants nothing more than to have been born in the right body and for his best friend to stop trying to clean up his life for him.

Summary: Adolescence is hard enough without having OCD and a best friend who is clearly keeping a giant secret from you.

Keywords: Theater, Comedy, Drama, LGBT