q u e r e n c i a: an imagined autobiography

Written by Benjamin Benne
Directed by Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth
Performed by Matt Aguayo, Pilar O’Connell, & Anabel Hovig
Parley Productions | Seattle, WA
60 minutes
Rated R | ages 15+| some sexually explicit dialogue involving teens, strong language
Calamus Auditorium at Gay City 
Sep 17 @ 8pm | Sep 18 @ 9:30pm | Sep 20 @ 4pm | Sep 21 @ 2pm

When Milo has a chance encounter at a carousel in his old neighborhood, the overwhelming angst and harrowing ghosts of his adolescence come flooding back: graffitied walls, gym-class bullies, his ex-con aunt, a promiscuous neighbor, and forbidden fruit.

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