Patriarchy, Tacos and “The Adventures of Rocketman and Beano”

What is the central theme of “The Adventures of Rocketman and Beano?”

Written by Tom Spangenberg and Christine Longé

of Blue Eyes Brown Eyes


“Superheroes and comic books. While lounging in the grass at Volunteer Park on a sunny Seattle afternoon, that’s what crossed our minds. As well as patriarchy. And tacos.

We were pondering the names ‘Rocketman’ and ‘Beano,’ which arose from generative improvisations. Who are Rocketman and Beano? Clearly, they are a pair of superheroes (no, Beano is not a gas preventative). Clearly, they exist in a comic book. Clairement, nous sommes tous Rocketman et Beano.

Comic book superheroes amount to an entire industry in and of themselves. But what about the historic lack of female voices and characters in the genre? And are superheroes really defenders of democracy, or inadvertent stooges of fascism? And why are tacos so delicious?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: this doesn’t sound like a clown show, it sounds like Shakespeare. Two things. First, thank you for the compliment; Stuart would be very pleased. (Who’s Stuart? Come see the show.) And B: The Adventures of Rocketman and Beano is a dramatic adaptation of a compelling story performed by two clowns.

According to an exceptionally accurate and incontrovertible internet source, Thomas Jefferson said Shakespeare loved tacos.

Yes, two clowns. (No red noses). We mused about what brings two people together. Perhaps it’s a complementary way of existing. Or a lesson that needs to be learned about oneself. Or those five beers just consumed.

In this play within a play, you’ll witness how two idiots (we use the term lovingly) come together to portray a story about friendship, feminism, and the fierce, ongoing fight against foes. And maybe, in a little way, the smallest scent, the tiniest touch, the faintest whisper of love will tickle your senses. And you might get a craving for tacos.”

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