SIS Productions Presents “Paper Angels”


“Paper Angels”


Produced by SIS Productions

Written by Genny Lim / Directed by David Hsieh

Performed by Cristopher Berns or Robert Pilliteri, Eloisa Cardona, Long Dinh or Andy Tran, Henry Drew orAllen Go, Austin Harry or Ryan St. Martin, Kathy Hsieh, Kelly Johnson, Denny Le or Kevin Lin, Ian McIntire orJames Thomas Patrick, Grace Kha Ai Nguyen, Maydene Pang, Stephen Sumida or Chris Wong

TPS Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory

90 minutes | All Ages

Feb 27 @ 5pm | Mar 5 @ 5pm

In 1915, eager and hopeful Chinese immigrants await permission to enter the United States at the West Coastimmigration center located at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. In sharing the stories of sojourners aspiring tofind a home in the America of their dreams, PAPER ANGELS creates a moving depiction of issues still relevant today.

Summary: An intimate portrait of the Asian immigrant experience, revealing the universal desires and haunting realities of those coming to America.

Keywords: Theater, Drama, Asian/Asian American

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