Old Meets New in “Shakespeare Dice”

Old Meets New in “Shakespeare Dice”

by Dacha Theatre

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“For the past two months, we eight actors have learned, rehearsed, and ran the entire script of Twelfth Night. On the night of the show, you the audience will roll the dice to see who plays who, and the play will go up.

We hope that when you come down to see Shakespeare Dice: Twelfth Night, you will feel afraid for us. We will also be afraid. As the house opens and you rip your tickets, our fear will remind us that we have learned an entire play, that we don’t know who we will be playing, and that you are wondering if we will fail.

That fear will demand recognition – but our attention is needed elsewhere. Theater lives in the space between the actor and the audience. The script gives us a shared vocabulary with which to play, a roadmap we must travel. We don’t know yet what we will find along the way, so what surprises you will surprise us too. As the lights come up and we begin, we hope that you will release your fear and share with us the joy and vulnerability of discovering this story for the first time.

We hope that you will feel brilliant. Our stories are made real by your input and participation. Twelfth Night is a love-story whose characters and plots are weaving and complex and layered. Traditional productions of this play must choose who to spotlight, and must dictate what pairs ought to end up together. For this, we will look to you: with your reactions and recognitions, we will compose our play.

As we take our bows and load out of the Blackbox, we hope you will feel empowered in creating this show with us. We also hope that the wonder you feel compels you to return, to see us roll a different cast and strive to please you once again.”

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