Lovesnack Presents “Illuminati: The Musical”

illuminati“Illuminati: the Musical”


Produced by Love Snack

Written Caitlin Obom / Directed by Baylie Freeman

Performed by Baylie Freeman, Caitlin Obom


50 minutes | MATURE

Feb 26 @ 7:30pm | Feb 28 @ 3:30pm | Mar 4 @ 9pm | Mar 5 @ 5:30pm

Baylie Freeman and Caitlin Obom are Love Snack, a musical sketch comedy duo with one goal — get into theupper echelon of the Illuminati at all costs. Join them on a journey of unsettling discoveries and unflagging enthusiasm. Finally, a multimedia theater presentation that asks and then swiftly answers that age-old question: Can any omnipresent and unspeakably influential secret society ever match the power of friendship?

Summary: A musical sketch comedy duo takes on the most powerful organization in human history. Things are going great.

Keywords: Theater, Music, Film, Comedy

Twitter: @LoveSnackComedy