Rough Magic Productions Presents “The Life And Many Deaths of Peter Pan”


“The Life And Many Deaths of Peter Pan”


Produced by Rough Magic Productions

Written by Kieran Adcock-Starr / Directed by Leah Adcock-Starr

Performed by Nick Rempel, Grisha London, Corey Lynn Atencio, Mimi Santos, Taige Kussman, Annelih GH Hamilton, Charissa J. Adams

TPS BLACKBOX at Seattle Center Armory

55 minutes | Rated PG

Feb 25 @ 7pm | Feb 27 @ 3:30pm | Mar 4 @ 8:30pm | Mar 5 @ 5pm

As his light wanes and the tick-tock of the clock winds down, the man who made Peter Pan is confronted by shadows of his past. Eclipsed by his greatest creation and burdened with devastating loss, JM Barrie has forgotten how to fly. Dark and whimsical, tragic and joyful, silly and profound- this shadow play romps through the borders between true and make-believe, journeys back to Neverland, and invites us to remember all we have forgotten.

Summary: As his light wanes, Peter Pan’s creator JM Barrie confronts the shadows of his past. Will he remember how to fly?

Keywords: Theater, Drama, Shadow Puppetry, Literary Adaption