The Seattle Fringe Festival (SFF) serves a diverse community of artists and audiences. SFF’s mission is to invigorate passion for the performing arts throughout the Pacific Northwest impacting audiences, individual participant artists or companies, as well as the fringe theatre, contemporary theatre and performance communities at large. SFF creates new opportunities for inexpensive self-production; provides a platform for individual and groups of performing artists to develop audiences for their work; and raises the profile of fringe arts in the greater community.

Since the Festival was reborn in 2012 (after a nine-year hiatus), we have received a total of 332 applications from performing artists throughout the Northwest, the United States, and Canada, and after March 2016 will have produced 86 of those groups. Pieces range in genre from scripted and musical theatre, contemporary dance, aerial and circus arts, opera, burlesque, sketch comedy and more! Participants have been veterans of the Seattle performing scene, recent college graduates, national and international touring artists and everything in between. SFF chooses most of its artists by random lottery in order to provide the most fair way possible for anyone who is interested to participate and produce their work. We are committed to returning 100% of box office proceeds to participating artists. Beginning in 2016, our Festival is all local acts.

SFF is attended by diverse audiences throughout King County and beyond. The age of audience members ranges from preschoolers to senior citizens. Our audiences are a mix of long-time Fringe devotees, local artists, curious newcomers, and performing arts fans who are interested in taking risks and seeing new work.


Link to Seattle Star post by Jose Amador

(Reviews of “Anna + the Sea,” “An Oak Tree”,”In Love With Chekhov” and “Uncle Seagull”)

” …..the lobby at the Center Armory was abuzz with conversation between shows–the talk focused on what was just seen and what else is worthy of viewing at the Fest. Precisely the sort of word of mouth energy that makes for a successful Festival.”

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“The 2016 Seattle Fringe Festival begins on Thursday, which means you’ll have plenty of chances during the next two jammed weekends to broaden your theatrical horizons—which you should do.”

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“Seattle Fringe Festival showcases local talent that doesn’t often get play on larger stages. This a good thing for several reasons: (1) You get to see fun shows you may have missed throughout the year. (2) There’s a bunch of weird stuff you’re more likely to embrace in a festival-type setting than in an evening at the thea-tah-type setting. And (3) you can check out new work.”

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“..the festival has given the organizers of the new Fringe a strong resolve to maintain the annual exploration of small theater as a sustainable, self-supporting event — even while keeping tickets at $10 a pop.”

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“For two weekends, in two Seattle neighborhoods, you can see some of the best new work from veteran producers and emerging artists: from serious drama to family-friendly fare, from burlesque to sketch to dance duets, from highbrow to lowbrow to no-brow-Seattle Fringe Festival has something for everyone.”

Link to Broadway World review post of Uncle Seagull+ An Oak Tree by Jay Irwin

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“The festival, revived by some committed theater practitioners after a years-long lapse, is an exciting opportunity to see a lot of new work, often solo performances, and see several shows in a single night. Comedy, drama, burlesque, magic… it’s all here……The exciting shift in 2016 is to have limited the offerings to all local talent, rather than connecting with the network of fringe festivals that bring talent in from all over the world. While it’s sad not to have a unique travelling work appear here, this focus on local producers means that we can get introduced to – and support with our dollars – more of the local talent dying for some recognition.”

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“The Seattle Fringe Festival is a proudly celebrated showcase of cutting-edge and daring performance art that is part of a grand tradition of fringe festivals held around the world. The five-day event features raw and aggressively unapologetic works spanning a variety of artistic disciplines ranging from theater and opera to dance and comedy. By encouraging writers and artists to push the boundaries of what is considered conventional creativity, the festival treats attendees to a unique performing arts experience.”