Hey, I’m Average.

Created by Executive Artistic Director, Alyssa Casey &

Artistic Director, Shane Donohue

Produced by Squatch Tanztheater

Choreographer & Costume Designer Alyssa Casey

Choreographer Shane Donohue


Showtimes: 3/24  7:45pm, 3/25   5:30pm, 3/30  6:30pm, 4/1  12:30pm

Run Time: 60 min  Rating: “E” for EVERYONE recommended for all ages

Just two average people, putting on an average show, for an average ticket price, in an average place, for an average audience… Hey, I’m Average. In this work, Squatch Tanztheater, uses expressive movement, song, humor, and text to examine the moments in which we question our own mediocrity. “Hey, I’m Average.” looks at the hardship of being unremarkable, while simultaneously examining its validity. We are here to embrace a life of averageness. We are here to push our average levels to the limit. We are here, we are ordinary, and ultimately we don’t care (except that we totally do, and you will see that too)!  Performed By Alyssa Casey, Shane Donohue, Madeleine Gregor

Keywords: Comedy, Drama, Performance Art, Dance

Links: http://alyssacasey.weebly.com/, shanedonohuedance.com, instagram.com/alyssacasey21 & instagram.com/shane.b.donohue