Sara Porkalob Presents “Dragon Lady: I’m Going To Kill You”


(photo by Joe Iano)

“DRAGON LADY: I’m Going To Kill You”


Produced by Sara Porkalob

Written by Sara Porkalob / Directed by Keira McDonald

Performed by Sara Porkalob

TPS STUDIO at Seattle Center Armory

45 minutes | Rated 13+

Feb 25 @ 7:30pm | Mar 3 @ 9pm | Mar 4 @ 7:30pm | Mar 5 @ 4pm

One week after her 60th birthday blow-out-bash, Grandma Maria shares a tense night with her eldest grandchild. Accosted with questions of “Was this really true? Did this really happen?”, Grandma Maria has one night to set right the story of her shady, gangster past. Ripping apart the memories of her five children’s so called “childhood dystopia”, she sings, dances, and kills her way through 30 years of faulty memories made to make her look like a bad mother.

With her honor at stake, not even her children can escape the slice of her claws. DRAGON LADY turned TIGER MOM.

Summary: Filipina gangsters, possible murder, lotsa white rice, 1 actor, 15+ characters, 45 minutes. DRAGON LADY is gonna kill ya’ll.

Keywords: Theater, Comedy, Drama, Solo, Asian/Asian American