Tre Calhoun Presents “DIRT+DEW”

Dirt + Dew Program Cover



Produced by Tré Calhoun

Written & Directed by Tré Calhoun / Asst. Director Emily Vajda


55 minutes | Rated 13+

Feb 26 @ 7:30pm | Feb 28 @ 5:30pm | Mar 3 @ 9pm | Mar 5 @ 5:30pm

John Smith is an average guy who wants what average guys want: companionship; Memory is haunted by the memories of her past. As John covers himself from head to toe in mud – and other forest elements – his lust and her fear meet. The result is something a little messy and a little sweet, in this existential, one-act camp dramedy.

Summary: A college grad fears for her life in the woods, as her co-camp counselor masks himself in mud and seduces her.

Keywords: Theater, Comedy, Drama