Created and Performed By Nik Doner

Directed by Hannah Victoria Franklin

Produced By White Rabbits Inc


 Showtimes: 3/25  7:45pm, 3/29 8pm, 3/31 10pm, 4/1 9:45pm

Run Time: 60min  Rating: “M” for MATURE recommended for ages 18+

What if we remember only the parts we want to? What if sobriety is one ongoing morning-after text from a concerned friend…filling in the gaps you tried hard to drink away? Nik Doner puts these newly found memories into a show about cancer, love, and sex through the blurry lens of the addiction that blacked out many nights. Did he meet a 4 year old dwarf at 3am? Spend Christmas in jail? Get a naked ultrasound? Directed by Hannah Victoria Franklin, “Cuddling with Strippers” is a vulnerable look at memories, asking, “Wait…what happened?” and accepting the fate of whatever answer you get. Nik thinks this all happened…and is prepared to share it with you, at least the parts he can remember.

Additional Performers: Hannah Mootz, Hannah Ruwe

Keywords: Comedy, Drama, Solo Performance

This Show May Contain Adult Language, Partial or Burlesque-Style Nudity, Strong Subject Matter, Strobe or Quick Flashing Lights, Loud Noises or Gun Sounds

Marketing Meaghan Darling
Stage Manager Danielle Franich
Light/Sound Design: Andrew C. Somora
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