Confirmed 2017 Shows!

February 9, 2017
Producer/ Show Title/ Genre
The Phoenix Theatre “Askew” (Scripted Theatre)
Bill Bernat “Becoming More Less Crazy” (Scripted Theatre, Solo Performance)
Michael Washington Brown “Black!” (Scripted Theatre, Solo Performance)
amador / stokes “Carry We Openly” (Scripted Theatre)
Jerboa Dance “continuum” (Dance)
Nik Doner and Michael Place (aka White Rabbit Inc) “Cuddling With Strippers” (Scripted Theatre, Solo Performance)
Jeremy Cline “Dancing On The Wall” (Dance)
Jordan Augustine “Dean Jacob’s Funeral” (Scripted Theatre)
Chris Allen “Death and Taxes” (Improv)
Sara Porkalob “Dragonbaby” (Scripted Theatre, Solo Performance)
Chasing Blue Moonlight “Family Triptych” (Scripted Theatre)
Arson Nicki + Friends “Fringe Fest is Such a Drag” (Drag Performance)
Marissa McKown/ Great American Artistic Consortium “HAVOC!”
(Scripted Theatre)
Squatch Tanztheater “Hey, I’m Average.” (Dance)
Pamela Ziemann “If I Were Me..I’d Know What I Want”
(Scripted Theatre, Solo Performance)
OK Fine Collaborations “Roadheadz: A New Narrative Burlesque” (Burlesque)
Lion. Fish. Theater. Company. “Savage in Limbo” (Scripted Theatre)
Dacha Theatre “Shakespeare Dice” (Experimental)
Christine Longé and Tom Spangenberg “The Adventures of Rocketman and Beano” (Clown)
Tré Calhoun “The Black Eye Society: The Cycle” (Scripted Theatre)
Robert McPherson “The Drunken Tenor” (Opera)
Jeffrey Robert “The Gay Uncle Explains It All To You” (Performance Art)
Troy Mink “The Midway Liar” (Scripted Theatre)
Who Dat Cindy “This Is My Dinner” (Musical)
Rebekah Dawn “War Bride” (Scripted Theatre)
Cindy Giese French “What Would Our Mothers Think?” (Scripted Theatre)
George Savage Jr. “Woman Without Her Coat” (Scripted Theatre)
…PLUS….Info and Details soon about our “FringeProv” Series of Improv!

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