Liz Houlton Presents “Concerto Concerto”


“Concerto Concerto”


Produced by Liz Houlton

Created by Liz Houlton

Performed by Katie Wyeth, Sabina Moe, Alexander Pham, Liz Houlton, Alyssa Casey

TPS BLACKBOX at Seattle Center Armory

30 minutes | All ages

Feb 25 @ 8:30pm | Feb 27 @ 7pm | Mar 3 @ 7pm |

Mar 5 @ 3:30pm

Dancers rarely have control of the soundscape in a performance. With the challenge of prerecorded classical scores, ones that have set rhythms, syncopation’s, crescendo’s and endings, the dancer is like the worker-bee; always keeping up with this higher power. I want to challenge that notion and have the dancer create the sound as they perform. A new version of classical concertos evolve on stage in front of our eyes!

Summary: A compilation of solos and duets interacting with

Keywords: Dance, Music