Copious Love Productions Presents “Blue Paint”


“Blue Paint”


Produced by Copious Love Productions

Written by R.H. Tyrrel / Directed by Joshua Jon

Performed by Amy Korver, Alex Reverman

TPS BLACK BOX at Seattle Center Armory

30 minutes | Rated 13+

Feb 26 @ 8:30pm | Feb 27 @ 5pm | Mar 3 @ 8:30pm

Mar 5 @ 7pm

Opposites attract. That’s science. Relationships take work. That’s life. Maggie is all heart and Thomas is all brain. We look in on this odd yet appropriately matched couple during two different stages of their relationship as they try to teach each other how to grow. But are they growing apart in the process? Blue Paint asks its audience what does love look, feel, sound like to you?

Summary: Thomas and Maggie feel trapped by each other’s world, both have to lose something in themselves to find each other.

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