askew mediumAskew

By Debra Rich Gettleman

Directed by Eric Lewis

Produced by Phoenix Theatre


Showtimes: 3/25 12:30pm, 3/26  2:15pm3/31 9:30pm, 4/1 5:45pm

Run Time: 45 min    Rating:”PG” for PARENTAL GUIDANCE  suggested,  recommended ages 13+

 Four slightly off kilter One Acts

Salt: Two strangers, a lot of baggage, and an unsalted slice of lemon meringue pie. A perfect recipe for romance. The Chair: Out-of-work, underachiever Ben refuses to give up bad movie night for a real job and finds himself with a uniquely aromatic gift he can’t get rid of.
Presbyopia: Two struggling actors trying to make it in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Emily turned the corner on 40 and has been stricken with AAD, “age aggressive disorder.” Rose Colored Spectacles: Rose sees the world as it should be and not as it is. She waxes to her snoring husband about cat boarding, medical marijuana and her LGBTQ daughter.

Performed By Asa Sholdez, Debra Rich, Michael McFadden, Shannon Bengstom,  David Bailey and Melanie Calderwood, 

Keywords: Scripted Theatre, Comedy, Sketch Comedy

This Show May Contain Adult Language

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