Love Lessons Learned

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Written and performed by Erin Renée Roberts
Erin Renée Roberts | Saint Louis, MO
35 minutes
Rated PG-13 | ages 13+ | Adult language and partial nudity

Eclectic Theater
Sep 19 @ 6pm | Sep 20 @ 7:30pm | Sep 21 @ 3:30pm | Sep 22 @ 4:30pm

Emphasizing, human connectedness Love Lessons Learned is a deconstruction of the concept of love and relationships. Follow the goddess Eros as she takes you through her interactions with her muses, recounting her experiences and ultimately realizing that “Goddesses should be praised.” Memories will ignite as you reminisce about the good times, and the not so good times. Love Lessons Learned is a global message of how love and relationships help to make us who we are.


Cast & Crew
Written & Performed by Erin Renée Roberts
Direction and Choreography Collaborators: Grace Carmack, Lyndsey Gray, Narissa Herndon
Design Collaborators: Matthew Ray, Emily Stranski, and Adam Zopfi-Hulse
Marketing Collaborators: Jacob Hickey, Renee Legaux, Victoria Roberts and Patrick Fesler