Invoice – Mink

Schedule of SFF2017 Production Fee Installment Payments

Troy Mink | The Liar

Center House Theatre


Hi, Troy.

TPS prefers payment by check to minimize fees, but if you need to pay online, you are welcome to use the links provided here. We will update as payments are received (this is a manual process, so allow 2 business days for the update to appear online). If you have any questions or problems, please contact Zhenya at

Thank you!



Troy Mink Date Due Amount Due Credit Card Payment Link Received by TPS
 Payment 1 December 2, 2016  $            75
 Payment 2 December 16, 2016  $          100
 Payment 3 December 30, 2016  $          100
 Payment 4 January 10, 2017  $          100
TOTAL DUE (in full by January 10)   $375.00

To pay by check

  • Make your check payable to Theatre Puget Sound for the amount listed on your Producer Contract
  • In the memo line, put the following: SFF2017 Producer Fee for [SHOW] in [VENUE]
  • Deliver either
    • by mail to Theatre Puget Sound, Attn: Seattle Fringe Festival, PO Box 19643, Seattle WA 98109-OR-
    • in person to the TPS Administrative Office in the Seattle Center Armory, Suite 401A (Street address is 305 Harrison St, Seattle 98109)

To pay by credit card online, use payment link in column corresponding to the payment number due.