Pay your SFF2017 Production Fee

You may pay your SFF2017 Producer Fee by check or credit card. Pay the amount listed on your Producer Contract. Regardless of payment method, your check must be received by Theatre Puget Sound no later than December 8 unless you have written approval from the Steering Committee for a different payment schedule.

SFF prefers that you pay by check. This saves us both on extra fees.

At present, SFF is not passing along to Producers the additional surcharge fees for the convenience of online payment. Frankly, if we pass along the fees to you we also must pass along taxes, which would make it more expensive for you overall (Ex: On a $750 Venue fee, if you pay the additional costs, your total would be $783.81… a cost addition of $33.81… but if we absorb the fees, the cost to SFF is just $22.05). In the micro view, this may not seem like much, but on the macro view of the entire festival, it could mean the difference between SFF being able to offer (or not) a nominal stipend to one of the volunteers who spends the year working to administer this Festival for you. Therefore…

  • for those of you who are able and interested in helping cover the cost of your own convenience for credit card use but at our lower amount, we are including a final column on the below payment chart that will take you to a donation link tailored to your venue amount.
  • If you wish to set your own donation amount, please click the “Donate” button in the sidebar. This will take you to a PayPal link indicating the donation is being made to Theatre Puget Sound (our fiscal sponsor) — please write “SFF2017 donation” in the notes field.

Thank you for considering how your payment choices impact our operations!

To pay by check

  • Make your check payable to Theatre Puget Sound for the amount listed on your Producer Contract
  • In the memo line, put the following: SFF2017 Producer Fee for [SHOW] in [VENUE]
  • Deliver either
    • by mail to Theatre Puget Sound, Attn: Seattle Fringe Festival, PO Box 19643, Seattle WA 98109
    • in person to the TPS Administrative Office in the Seattle Center Armory, Suite 401A (Street address is 305 Harrison St, Seattle 98109)

To pay by credit card

Venue Address # of Seats PRODUCTION FEE


If you’re able …
DONATE to help offset surcharges SFF absorbs on credit card transactions
(Optional)Thanks for considering! 
Eclectic Theater 1214 10th Ave, Seattle WA 98122 49 $375


TPS Center Theatre 305 Harrison St, Seattle WA 98109  – 1st Floor 193 $750


TPS Black Box 305 Harrison St, Seattle WA 98109 – 1st Floor 99 $525


TPS Studio 305 Harrison St, Seattle WA 98109 – 1st Floor 40 $300


TPS Theatre4 305 Harrison St, Seattle WA 98109 – 4th Floor 75 $450