Handbook 2017

Seattle Fringe Festival Handbook

2017 Policies & Procedures

Congratulations, and welcome to the 2017 Seattle Fringe Festival!

The Seattle Fringe Festival will light up Seattle's theatre community from March 23 to April 1 with eight jam-packed days of compelling, artist-driven performance. This year we are thrilled to provide an affordable, non-juried platform for 33 shows (up from 20 in 2015) in 5 venues!

Our festival shines the spotlight exclusively on Western Washington artists again this year, and we have thrown open the doors to all performance genres: scripted theatre, dance, burlesque, opera/musical, solo performance, sketch comedy, improv, performance art, clown, puppetry, experimental, devised, and more.

We are very excited to provide you with this Handbook to SFF2017 Policies & Procedures. Seattle Fringe Festival has not provided artists this kind of comprehensive resource since the festival relaunch in 2012, and our team has worked hard to make sure you have all the information you need to know about what it will mean to produce in this year's festival before you sign on the dotted line. It is our goal to ensure that everyone's expectations are aligned and, when possible, anticipate your information needs. Whether this is your first time ever participating in a fringe festival or you are a decorated Fringe veteran, look to this Handbook to be your first stop for answers as you prepare for and navigate SFF2017.

Please review this Handbook in its entirety so you know what kind of information it provides. It is intended to be a resource that you will turn to regularly throughout your SFF2017 experience, so keep it handy and look here first for answers to your questions about tech, fees, ticketing, or anything else!

SFF2017 expects not only Producers but everyone participating in each production to be aware and knowledgeable of and abide by all Festival guidelines, policies, and procedures.

If this Handbook bars a certain activity or practice, the matter is non-negotiable. Exceptions to these rules will only be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be reviewed and cleared in writing by the Festival Production Director and/or Steering Committee Chair prior to the opening of the Festival. No other Steering Committee members are authorized to grant permissions for special production accommodations.

Productions have strictly limited timeframes for show runs, and producing groups have strictly limited permissions for pre- and post-show performance prep and space access. Review the portions of this Handbook pertaining to time and access limitations very carefully. If your plans will require more time than is allotted herein for any of the tech, rehearsal, running time, load in/out, or changeover components outlined herein, you must revise or adapt your plan to comply with SFF2017 limitations. If your pre- or post-show performance activity disrupts other SFF2017 artists or producers, the Festival Production Director and Steering Committee reserve the right to impose changes upon your practices.

SFF relies heavily upon volunteers to execute the festival. Volunteer roles include box office, greeters/ushers, house managers, and more. If you know people who would be a good fit for any of these roles, please do encourage them to apply to assist the festival as a whole. Please also make sure to show all of our volunteers your appreciation, respect, and sincere courtesy throughout SFF2017 -- we couldn't do it without them! It is imperative that everyone think of one another as members of the same team and surmount conflicts and obstacles together.

In addition to this handbook, we are in the process of developing a robust suite of online tools to help make your experience of SFF2017 administration, production, and communications clear and simple. Look for regular email announcements and new links on our Artist Resources page in the coming months.

We highly encourage you to team up with other SFF2017 Producers to expand your sense of our community and all its resources. To really make this festival take off, everyone will need to advocate not only for their own shows but for other SFF 2017 producers’ shows, as well – and you definitely will want them to be strong advocates for your show. Don’t miss any of our pre-festival meeting opportunities – detailed under Mandatory Producer Events -- to build your festival network and marketing acumen together.

Please also plan to support each other during the Festival by going to see each other’s shows. There is so much to see! Having some friends in the crowd who are doing the same thing as you always enriches the live performance experience.

We are truly looking forward to SFF2017 and believe it will be Seattle's best Fringe yet! We will do everything in our power to ensure the Festival runs smoothly and is a rewarding experience for artists and audience alike, but we need your help: The more informed you are about our policies, procedures, and expectations -- and the more you work with and help each other attract audiences to our collective work -- the better our Festival will run, the more people will attend our shows, and the happier everyone will be.

Thank you for being part of the Seattle Fringe Festival family. We are so excited to create SFF2017 with you!

Sincerely, The Seattle Fringe Festival Steering Committee and Theatre Puget Sound
What WE Do:
  • Schedule your show into the Festival
  • Provide guidance to your Company as scheduled or upon request
  • Provide a venue, basic lighting, and venue personnel
  • Arrange ONE technical rehearsal (with cue-to cue) in the venue
  • Market the Festival as a Whole, which includes specific show information
  • Include information on all shows on the SFF website and in the Program Guide
  • Send publicity and photos to regional media outlets, schedule festival-wide PR opportunities, and triage critics' show-attendance requests to producers for scheduling (They contact us. We put them in contact with you.)
  • Provide ticketing, box office, and front of house personnel
  • Pay you 100% of the revenue earned by your show
What YOU Do:
  • Choose Your Show
  • Complete and submit all required contracts, forms and fees
  • Read and respond to all communications from SFF by deadlines indicated
  • Arrange and pay for production rights and actor fees
  • Prepare your production with simple technical requirements
  • Arrange for your own personnel to crew your show
  • Provide SFF with photos/info for PR/Marketing & Program Guide
  • Market your own show
  • Prepare your show and bring it to the Festival


Refer to the 2017 Applicant Information page for details.
  1. Conduct:

    • SFF2017 expects Producers (and all of their show’s associated participants) to be knowledgeable and aware of ALL festival guidelines, policies and procedures. If this document bars a certain activity, it is non-negotiable.  Exceptions to these rules will ONLY be made on a case by case basis and MUST be reviewed and cleared in writing prior to the opening of the Festival by the Festival Production Director, Joshua Tyler Hardwick or D’Arcy Harrison, Steering Committee Chair. Other Steering Committee members are not authorized to grant permissions for special production accommodations.
    • All companies and their participating members agree to adhere to the laws of the State of Washington (United States), and the policies, procedures, and safety restrictions of the Seattle Fringe Festival, Theatre Puget Sound, and the owners of the venue spaces.
    • All companies and their participating members are obligated to act in the best interests of the Festival as a whole at all times.
    • The Seattle Fringe Festival reserves the right to cancel any or all performances of any performing company not adhering to these regulations.
    • Failure to Meet Requirements: Upon acceptance to the Seattle Fringe Festival, participants are required to submit all requested materials, fees, and information in full and on time. Failure to do so may result in elimination from the Festival.
    • Producers must notify SFF immediately of any and all changes to their information, status, or producing needs.

  2. Production Representative: SFF2017 requires each producing group to designate and communicate to SFF the name and contact information for a Production Representative and/or Stage Manager (hereafter referred to as “Production Representative”).

    • The person you identify to serve as your Production Representative must be familiar with all the technical needs of your production and be able and authorized to liaise with the Fringe Venue Tech, communicate tech needs, and make decisions on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that the person you identify to serve as Production Representative is ready, willing, and able to fulfill this role competently and in its entirety on your behalf.
    • The Production Representative role is different from the Fringe-provided technician outlined below in #10 and can be filled by a producer, stage manager, director, actor, or friend.
    • The Production Representative must be present and on duty for all of your performances, as well as your tech rehearsal.
    • This person will be the only authorized point of contact for your Production during the festival: the person our Festival-assigned technician will go to when your group is allowed in the venue, who will provide the Box Office with your Comp List, and who will provide the House Manager with Programs or anything else you want handed out to the audience before the show starts.
  3. Production Spots are Non-Transferable: Groups may not sell their Seattle Fringe Festival slot under any circumstances. If a company or individual artist is found to have sold or transferred its or one of its slots, both groups will be disqualified and removed from the Festival, and 100% of the Production Fee will be forfeited to the Festival.
  1. Double Casting / Participation in Multiple Productions: Double casting – which for Fringe context is defined as anything that results in one artist or other show participant being cast in or affiliated with multiple SFF2017 productions – is ill advised. We strongly discourage artists from participating in multiple SFF2017 productions. Due to the difficulty of scheduling, we ask that Producers do not hire any actor, stage manager, or crew member who also is participating in another producer’s show until after the Festival schedule is finalized and published. Only then – providing your performance times do not overlap and there is no problem with technical rehearsals – should you consider double-casting options if you must. SFF will make not make any special accommodations for Producers or artists who have double cast.
  2. Festival Badges: All producers and show participants must wear their Festival Badges when on festival grounds (and not onstage). Festival Badges are distributed as part of your Tech Packet. Each Festival Badge bears a unique number assigned to one of your show participants. Anyone who loses a Festival Badge must notify SFF immediately to arrange for a replacement and will be required to pay a $10 replacement fee.
  3. Insurance: SFF negotiates a general liability policy to protect you. The policy provides coverage and protects you if audience members are injured while attending your event. The policy does not cover performers injured while participating in. Information about the policy will be provided in detail when this year’s policy is in place. Producer is responsible for anything not covered by the policy.
  4. Wait List: Applicants on the Wait List will be notified if a performance slot becomes available. You may withdraw from the waitlist at any time. Groups that withdraw from the waitlist will not be refunded their Lottery Application Fee.
Nov 25Deliver Contracts and Venue Assignments to ProducersSFF
Dec 8Deadline to Pay Producer Fee
(unless you have written authorization from SFF for an alternate schedule)
Dec 11Launch Marketing Information FormSFF
Dec 18Deliver draft of initial showtimes/venuesSFF
Dec 20Deadline to submit feedback on proposed showtimes/venuesProducers
Dec 24Deliver finalized SFF2017 CalendarSFF
Jan 1Deadline to notify us about pre-SFF2017 showings/productionsProducers
Jan 6 (earlier if possible)Launch Tech Information Form to ProducersSFF
Jan 10Deadline: Marketing Information Form responses (your show title must be final)Producers
Jan 10Deadline: PR imagesProducers
Jan 10Deadline: Proof of Rights & Royalties Producers
Jan 10Deadline: Completed W-9 forms (get here: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf)Producers
Jan 16Attend mandatory Kick-Off Meeting and Marketing Workshop at Pocket Theatre, 7:00 – 9:00 PMProducers
Jan 16Distribute URLs for each show’s general web page (for producer use on printed marketing piece, in social media, etc.)SFF
Jan 20Launch Call for Volunteers & Venue Techs to general publicSFF (but if you know someone who'd be great behind the scenes, send them our way!)
Jan 31Distribute EventBrite ticket links to ProducersSFF
Feb 1Deadline for submitting corrections to your marketing text.Producers
Feb 1Deadline to submit any additional show images
(Note: We are always interested in receiving additional images for use in our PR/Marketing of the Festival, but we make no guarantees if/when the additional images will be used.)
Feb 5Attend mandatory "TurboFringe" Meeting at Theatre 4, 6:00 - 8:30 PM
(Agenda includes EventBrite training for your producer interface, among other things.)
Feb 5Deadline to submit Tech Information FormProducers
Feb 15Deliver finalized Tech Schedule to ProducersSFF
Mar 12Attend mandatory Festival Volunteer Orientation (location & evening time TBA)SFF & Volunteers
Mar 12Deadline to submit Festival Badge InfoProducers
Mar 12 10am-11amAttend mandatory Festival Venue Tech meetingSFF & Venue Techs
Mar 19LOAD-IN to venues/Rep lighting plotsSFF & TBD Volunteers
Mar 20-23Attend assigned tech rehearsalProducers & their entire cast and production team
Mar 20-23Deliver Tech Packets to Production Representatives at their scheduled tech rehearsalsSFF
Mar 22Attend SFF2017 Opening Party at TPS Center Theatre Carleton Lobby (evening time TBA)ALL
Mar 23 - Apr 1Festival Performances (1 st week: Thurs-Sun, 2 nd week: Wed -Sat)ALL
Apr 2Production Strike (daytime schedule and assignments forthcoming)SFF & TBD Volunteers
Apr 2Attend SFF2017 Closing Party & Awards Ceremony at TPS Center Theatre Carleton Lobby (evening time TBA)ALL
Late April / Early MayAttend Best of Fringe Victory Lap (location, time, and performers TBA)ALL


These items all are included in the table above. However, we have separated them to clearly indicate in-person events for which each producing group is required to send at least one representative.
  • Jan 16, 7-9pm: Intro Meeting/Marketing Workshop at Pocket Theater
  • Feb 5, 6pm-8:30pm: “TurboFringe” Workshop at Theatre4
  • March 16 (location and evening time TBA): Pre-fest Production meeting
  • March 22 (evening time TBA): Festival Opening Party at TPS’s Center Theatre Carleton Carleton Lobby
  • April 2 (evening time TBA): Festival Closing Party & Awards Ceremony at TPS’s Center Theatre Carleton Lobby
  • Late April / Early May Best of Fringe Victory Lap Fundraiser (details TBA)


Refer to the 2017 Applicant Information page for details.

Festival Badge & Comp Tickets

Your festival badge is a free pass into other Fringe productions: You can use it to walk up to a show and see it for free as space is available. You are considered a walkup only, which means you cannot reserve your ticket online –unless you choose to book and pay as a normal audience member – and yes, this does mean that unless you book online and pay as a normal audience member, it is possible the show will sell out and not be able to accommodate you. At 5 minutes to show, any unclaimed tickets or absent will calls will be released, and the Box Office will call the badge number you checked in with. Priority seating order is as follows: Artists, Volunteers, Staff, FringeProv. (Note: SFF does not reimburse producers or artists who have paid to see a show instead of using their badge for free admission.) Your badge also can be used to get discounts on SFF T-Shirts and buttons. (We hear that Fringe Monster is super cute!)

TPS Fringe Benefits Program

Audit TPS’s Unified General Auditions: Mar 27 – Mar 30, 2017

Due to circumstances outside TPS's control, the popular Unified General Auditions (UGAs) had to be delayed by an entire month. So our hope that it might be useful for any of you with last-minute cast replacement needs has been dashed. Even so, TPS is continuing to offer this perk for any SFF artists with a curiosity about what the UGAs are like… or what it’s like to be an auditor… or an interest in the opportunity it provides to network with other auditors. Each year, 350-400 actors audition and casting agents and directors from upwards of ~50 area and national companies attend. There’s no better way to connect with great local talent than to be an auditor. Because part of its mission includes nurturing and incubating great art and artists, TPS invites all SFF2017 producers to participate in the 2017 UGAs for a special Fringe Benefits subsidized rate of just $15 for the week*! (Note: TPS normally charges ~$280 for the week, making this a high-value Fringe Benefit!)
  • 2017 Dates: March 27 – 30, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Breaks for lunch and rest
  • Attend as many or as few of the days/sessions as you like.
  • You will receive the digital headshot / resume package only (not a printed packet). Printed packets are available for an additional $10 fee.
  • Your name and/or organization name will not be listed on the Board.
THE 2017 UGA SIGN-UP WILL GO LIVE IN LATE JANUARY. We’ll update this space with the link when it’s ready, or watch https://tpsonline.org/uga/ for updates. *Tuesday’s catered lunch is an optional, additional charge

Cooperative Advertising in The Stranger

Seattle Fringe Festival is tapping into Theatre Puget Sound’s Cooperative Advertising Program so you can put your show information in front of The Stranger’s readership with affordably priced options, subsidized and grouped under a Seattle Fringe Festival banner. The offer is available for 6 total publication issues (The Stranger publishes Wednesdays)
  • February 23
  • March 2
  • March 9
  • March 16
  • March 23
  • March 30
Options (cost is per week):
  1. Fringe Coop 1/3 Single Display (2” W x 1.5” H): $40
  2. Fringe Coop 2/3 Single Display (2” W x 3” H): $80
  3. Fringe Coop Full Single Display (2” W x 4.5” H): $120
  4. Fringe Coop 1/3 Double Display (4” W x 1.5” H): $80
  5. Fringe Coop 2/3 Double Display (4” W x 3” H): $160
  6. Fringe Coop Full Double Display (4” W x 4.5” H): $240
  7. Fringe Coop Listing (text only): $13
    • 11 shows listed per Full Single Display ad size. SFF handles graphic.
    • Each gets a 2-lines deck that is 0.25” tall in total
    • 1st line = Show Title
    • 2nd line = Dates/Times
    • Sample to come
NOTE: The total cost of display ads is subsidized by SFF ($30/Single, $60/Double), which explains why your costs are even lower than they would be if you purchased through TPS independently!

How to participate:

  • Limited slots are available, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Sign-ups are accepted through the Fringe Benefit Co-Op Ad Buy Request Form from January 16 through February 15 (direct link: https://goo.gl/1n3Wl2)
  • Display Ad Artwork:
    • Each organization is responsible for the design of its own Display Ad purchase. SFF and TPS assume no responsibility for proofing or designing your individual ads. However, to ensure quality and consistency of presentation, SFF and TPS reserve the right to refuse artwork that does not meet required specifications or standards of quality.
      • Artwork must exactly match size listed for purchase and must be print quality (minimum of 300 dpi).
      • Embed all fonts and images.
      • Accepted formats: jpeg, tif, pdf, or eps. Ads in MS Word or Publisher will not be accepted.
      • Regardless of the number of display ads you purchase, only one version of the artwork will be allowed per ad size.
      • Artwork is due to SFF no later than 14 days prior to your ad’s first run date and must be uploaded via the Co-Op Display Ad Uploader Tool (direct link:  https://goo.gl/OcNzl2)
  • Text-only listings are generated by TPS staff and will not be sent out to Producers for review. Your show title and dates will be copied directly from your show's seattlefringefestival.org landing page.
  • Payment:
    • Charges totaling <=$300 will be deducted from your final ticket sales payout as a producer-approved reduction
    • Charges totaling >$300 must be paid in advance and are payable upon invoice (i.e. when we confirm the ad spots you have reserved on)
    • For payments made by credit card, TPS's convenience fee will be added to the total. (No convenience fee is charged for payments made by cash or check.)
More information about TPS’s Cooperative Advertising Program.

Subsidized Studio Rehearsal Time

Theatre Puget Sound is pleased to offer SFF2017 Producers subsidized rates on studio rehearsal time for your SFF2017 production. Subsidized rates are in effect for you from February 22 through March 28 only. Details as follows:
  • 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM (any day); 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Sundays only); 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM  (any day)
    • TPS subsidy = 20% of regular price if booked 21 or more days prior to the scheduled date (Ex: If total bill would regularly be $10, the subsidized cost to you would be $8)
    • TPS subsidy = 30% of regular price if booked 14-20 days prior to the scheduled date (Ex: If total bill would regularly be $10, the subsidized cost to you would be $7)
    • TPS subsidy = 40% of regular price if booked 7-13 days prior to the scheduled date (Ex: If total bill would regularly be $10, the subsidized cost to you would be $6)
    • TPS subsidy = 50% of regular price if booked 1-6 days prior to the scheduled date (weekend bookings must be completed and paid before 3:00 PM the Friday before) (Ex: If total bill would regularly be $10, the subsidized cost to you would be $5)
  • 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM (M-Sa); 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Su)
    • TPS subsidy = 20% of regular price if booked 1-6 days prior to the scheduled date (Ex: If total bill would regularly be $10, the subsidized cost to you would be $8)
  • Day-of bookings
    • Weekdays = FREE (for space available).
    • Weekends = TPS staff is unavailable to process any day-of booking requests for weekends. Either you must book your weekend requests with the TPS Facilities Program Assistant before 3:00 PM on the Friday preceding and pay the subsidized rate detailed above, or you must use our online reservation system and pay the regular rate.
  • To be eligible for SFF2017 subsidy
    • You must make your booking request with the TPS Facilities Program Assistant by phone (206.770.0370) or in person (at the TPS Administrative Office, Seattle Center Armory, 4th Floor) during these times:
      • Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - NOON and 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
      • Weekends: n/a
    • The purpose of your booking must be for your own use for your SFF2017 production, only
    • You must identify yourself to TPS as a SFF2017 producer and provide TPS with
      • your name
      • show title
      • date(s) and time(s) requested
      • total number of people who will be using the space at each time
      • (if applicable) information about whether your rehearsal will involve dancing or loud music
    • You must book the space you use (i.e. do not just show up and wander into a space that looks empty).
    • You must not use space you did not book.
  • Payment
    • Must be made at time of booking
      • In person: cash, check, credit card
      • By phone: credit card
    • For Credit Card payments, your bill total will be increased to include TPS's standard credit card convenience fee. (There is no convenience fee added to payments made by cash or check.
  • No refunds or rescheduling. Book carefully. (TPS is severely short-staffed right now. They're so excited to offer you this subsidy, but they also really need to make sure staff time isn't wasted. This is the first time TPS has offered a subsidy program for SFF rehearsals, and it's a pilot program, so let's be super diligent about respecting the value of their time. Every minute counts for a small non-profit!)
  • Be aware of Armory building hours. At 9:00 PM, the building's exterior doors close, so if you rehearse starting at 9:00 PM or later, you must enter the building earlier and station someone at the door until all your people arrive.
NOTE: If you have significant need, talk with TPS's Facilities Program Assistant about the Adopt-a-Studio program. It involves doing work that TPS needs done in the facilities, but it may be a good option for you if you have time. TPS has agreed to let SFF2017 Producers participate on a short-term basis as a special project need.
TPS Facilities Program Assistant: Jeanette Sanchez 206.770.0370 ~ studio4@tpsonline.org
SFF prefers that you refrain from presenting your SFF2017 show in its entirety in non-SFF showings during the months of January, February, or March 2017. If you will present your SFF2017 show to the public (whether paying or free) in any form during these months (a development reading to strengthen the quality of your project or a full production), you must communicate this in writing by January 1. In the event that you don’t schedule your showing until after January 1, you must notify SFF immediately upon scheduling it. For shows that receive non-SFF showings during these months, SFF expects you will use the opportunity of that showing to best advantage to market your SFF2017 shows:

  • Including an announcement or ad in your program
  • Mention your SFF2017 showing in your pre- or post-show curtain speech
  • Make SFF2017 info cards available at the event (SFF will provide these cards to you)

Of course, the show is yours – and after the festival you can do whatever you want with it without SFF conditions. MAYBE TOUR!?
SFF will coordinate overall and marketing for the SFF2017, but you are responsible for marketing your own show -- and your success in the Festival will largely depend on your own show marketing.

SFF will maintain the Festival website, collaborate with sponsors, produce Festival posters, run online and print ads, print the official Festival Program Guide, send out press releases for listings and potential press coverage, post blog entries about your show on the SFF website, etc. We will feature each production through a steady rotation of each show’s content in regular posts online. You must submit your publicity photos and PR/Marketing materials by the stated SFF2017 deadline so we can include you in our efforts. Our Press List is extensive, and we will work hard on your behalf to interest the media in promoting, attending, or reviewing the Festival. We also will provide some marketing coaching at the scheduled, mandatory producer meetings. We will work hard on the Festival’s behalf – which will benefit you – but we make no guarantees about the number of audience members you can expect to attend your particular shows: it’s up to you to seal the deal for potential audiences by compelling people to YOUR SHOW!

Producers are expected to publicize and market their own shows, too -- through social media, handbills, posters, self-produced mailers or direct mail campaigns, press releases, face-to-face spontaneous conversation, busking, papering, and whatever other methods you can dream up. Put as much time and imagination into your marketing as you do your production. Make a video, use a gif, and generally add images to whatever you do as it will engage more people in your marketing! You are the best person to promote your show because your passion and knowledge will speak to people looking for something to do! The more you promote your own show, the larger your potential audiences and the more revenue earned… and returned to you. You can do very well at the Festival, but people have to find you – it’s that simple!

Help SFF expand your exposure by cross-posting items from your show marketing with these hashtags:

  • #DoTheFringe
  • #SFF2017

If a reviewer contacts SFF about attending your show, our PR/Marketing Director will connect them with you directly so you can discuss availability and complimentary ticket reservation.

You are responsible for meeting all Festival deadlines outlined in this Handbook, but for marketing purposes, please pay special attention to these dates:

  • December 10: SFF will send you the Marketing Information Form. We ask that you submit your responses and images as soon as you can – try not to wait for the deadline.
  • January 10: Your deadline for submitting your Marketing Information Form and images. (No Extensions!)

Show/Ticket URL for PR/Marketing Use: SFF also will provide you with a URL that will link to your show’s general landing page by January 16. This is the link you will direct people to in all your own show publicity, print on posters/flyers, etc. Note: We cannot make ticket links for you until we have received your Marketing Information and Images!

Image Requirements:  

Send high resolution PNG image files – do not send JPG, PDF, or any other image file type.

Send original, first-generation files if possible: resolution is compromised every time a file is downloaded or duplicated

  • Medium: 640 X 360 pixels
  • Large: 1200 X 630 pixels

SFF2017 reserves the right to crop or reduce your images or to add SFF2017 logos, hashtags, review quotes, or other relevant text.

Acknowledgment Requirements:

  • Producers must include the SFF2017 logo on all posters, handbills, and programs for their show.
  • All promotional and publicity materials must include and prominently feature the following language:

“[COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL], in association with the Seattle Fringe Festival, a program of Theatre Puget Sound, presents [TITLE].”
  1. First Things First: Program SFF2017 Festival Production Director Joshua Tyler Hardwick’s cell number into your phone now! 206.734.6672
  2. Venue Technicians: SFF2017 provides one (1) Venue Technician to for each performance of your show.

    • Scope:

      1. Unless you make prior arrangements with the Festival Production Director, the Fringe Venue Tech’s sole job is to execute lights for your show.  Any and all other operators (i.e. sound, projections) must be supplied by you.
      2. Venue technicians cannot approve changes to producers’ tech or load-in plan and are not authorized to approve additional services or equipment requests you might have (direct any and all special requests to the Festival Production Director).
      3. Venue technicians are only required by the Festival to make sure all tech equipment is working correctly at the beginning of their shift, serve as board operator for their specific shows, and report any equipment problems to the Production Director at the end of each shift.
    • Time expectations and call: Technicians are only called for the specific time period of your tech slot and for the period of your performances (including the 30-min window prior to each show). Any additional time is outside of their job requirement and outside the bounds of our compensation structure.
    • Troubleshooting: If you encounter issues at your venue, report them to the venue tech immediately. The venue tech will be responsible for determining whether the issue can be resolved locally or must be escalated to the Festival Production Director, as well as for serving as liaison to the Production Director for any escalated issues.
    • Continuity: Although SFF makes every attempt to provide producers with the same venue technician for their entire run, we do not guarantee this will be possible and you should be prepared for the possibility that you will not have the same venue tech for every show.
    • If you made arrangements to provide your own board technician, this person may be supervised by a SFF technician, at the Festival Production Director’s discretion.
    • Please show careful appreciation of our Venue Techs. They are rock stars, and we couldn’t run SFF without them!
  3. Rights & Royalties: Producer is responsible for securing all rights, royalties, copyrights, and union waivers for published works or Equity actors (note, there is a new Fringe Code for Equity actors!). Groups are responsible for providing a copy of these rights and royalties no later than January 10, 2017. Proof of Rights & Royalties must be submitted to the PR & Marketing Director along with your marketing information (details about this submission requirement will be provided to groups selected for production). Failure to secure rights is grounds for removal of your show from the Festival.
  4. Fire Policy:

    • SFF does not permit smoking or open flame of any kind.

      1. In Seattle, because theatre spaces are indoor public assembly rooms, cigarette smoke is illegal in your venue. If you must represent smoking onstage, faux cigarettes create a fake “burnt ember” effect with a puff of powder and can be re-used.
    • Requests for fire effects, flash paper, blank guns, or any other incendiary effects must be communicated to the Festival Production Director in writing by no later than March 9.
    • You must receive explicit, written tentative approval prior to tech in order to be able to have any such effects considered for approval through a test run at your tech.
    • FINAL APPROVAL for these effects is granted ONLY after the effect is seen in a test-run during your tech rehearsal, and if your effect does is not approved you cannot use it.

  5. Load In / Load Out: Each show is guaranteed 15 minutes for load in and 15 minutes for load out. That’s it.
  6. Between-Show Changeovers: SFF2017 allocates 45 minutes between shows to accommodate changeovers and care of space. Once a show has finished, the House Manager or an usher will encourage the audience to exit the auditorium immediately and socialize in the lobby or common area.

    • Timing and Flow of Events:
      1. Each producing group has 15 minutes to load out. Time is calculated from the minute your shows ends.
      2. 15 minutes are allocated for venue cleaning between shows and to allow for any other pre-show prep required prior to the Festival Venue Tech bringing the next production group into the space.
      3. We guarantee that each group will get 15 minutes of load-in time. The Festival Venue Tech is the only person authorized to let a producing group into the space for load-in.
    • Absolutes:
      1. There will never be overlap time when two producing groups have access to the space simultaneously. No producing group will be allowed into the space for their show’s load in or other pre-show preparations until after the previous show has fully loaded out. The Festival Venue Tech is the only person authorized to give a producing group access to the space.
      2. Audience will not be granted access to the house until your show’s designated Production Manager has given SFF’s designated House Manager explicit go-ahead. SFF will hold audience at the door until your Production Manager delivers this go-ahead.
      3. Except in the case of emergency, SFF expects that all producing groups will complete their load-in clear the stage as swiftly as possible, so that house can open 5-10 minutes prior to each show’s designated start time.
  7. Running Time: Your show must end on time every time, and you are responsible for ensuring that your running time fits within your assigned time slot. As a matter of Fringe policy, the moment your show runs over the assigned time run slot, our Festival-provided technician will cut the stage lights and/or open the house. There are no exceptions to this policy.

    • For a 30-minute time slot, your show cannot run more than 29 minutes and 60 seconds or it will be stopped.
    • For a 60-minute time slot, you are limited to 59 minutes and 60 seconds.
    • For 90-minute time slots, you are limited to 89 minutes and 60 seconds.
  8. Curtain Speeches: SFF makes a curtain speech of 1-2 minutes before every show. We do our best to start curtain speeches just enough before your show start so as not to cut into your performance time. However, we cannot control for emergent issues you and your artists have yourselves that might force a delay of your start. Curtain speeches will begin no later than your show’s scheduled start time.
  9. Emergent Issues: Should an emergent issue force any kind of delay for your show start, you will be have no more than the length of the curtain speech to hold. As noted in the curtain speech policy above, curtain speeches will begin no later than your show’s scheduled start time, after which time your show must start. If you will be unable to start within that timeframe, your Production Representative must tell our Festival Venue Tech whether you will cancel your show or continue, but please note that continuation means your show could be stopped before it has finished if it runs over your group’s allotted time in the venue.
  1. Technical Requirements: Technical requirements for your show must be simple. This is in your best interest: Venues are equipped with only very basic lights and sound, and you only have 15 minutes to install your show and 15 minutes to strike it for each performance.
  2. Tech Rehearsal There is limited time for tech rehearsals, and it is critical that we stay on schedule. 60-minute shows get 2.5 hours total; 90-minute shows get 3.5 hours total. During the allotted time you will:
    • check in (takes about 15 minutes)
    • practice your load in/out
    • learn the space and building
    • run ALL light/sound/etc. cues.

It’s a lot to do, and you must prepare a careful plan in advance to ensure you use your time well and get through everything. Your tech rehearsal time cannot be extended, and SFF cannot allot additional time to you. If your tech starts late due to poor planning, that could interfere with start times for the rest of the festival day in that venue. As in life, prepare well in order to be ready or done with all prep and load-out early!

  1. Scripts for Tech: Producers must bring 2 extra printed copies of your script (preferably marked and highlighted for cues) to their schedule tech rehearsal.  One is specifically for your technician; one is a back-up.  If you can only bring ONE, MAKE SURE you do.  We do not know your show as well as you do, so prepare your scripts carefully – they are our cheat sheets for helping you succeed.
  2. Tech Packet: Will be given to your Production Representative at your scheduled Tech Rehearsal. Among other things, this packet contains the Festival Badges for all participants in your show. Your Production Representative is responsible for distributing Festival Badges to all show participants in a timely manner.
  3. Light Plot: Plan on your venue having a Blue wash, Red wash, Lavender Backlight, Ambers, Front Lighting wash, Spot/Specials, a Floor Mount, and so on.  This should give you an ample hip to shoot from for the moment. Upon written request, the Festival Production Director will provide you with more specific lighting information for your venue. If you need to make inquiries about special focuses, gels, etc., or about whether you can bring in “extras,” you must contact the Festival Production Director with your inquiries or requests no later than March 19. SFF makes no guarantees that any special accommodations or extras will be possible, and we encourage you to prepare for the probability that we will not be able to make your request happen – but that are absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for any inquiries received after March 19.
    1. NOTE TO GROUPS ASSIGNED TO THE TPS STUDIO VENUE: The Studio space will have a different technical set-up due to the fact that it is a converted space. We will hang 6-8 instruments to provide for as many looks as possible. Producers can plan on some front and back lighting options. We will try to add side light to provide for wash looks and are working to LED RGB instruments, but we make no guarantees until the tech package is secured. The Festival Production Director will have more details about tech in this space closer to the Festival dates.
  4. There are LIMITS to what you can do: You are limited to 30 light cues and 30 sound cues. Please don’t test us on this -- someone is sure to wind up in a sobbing puddle on the floor.  Yuck.
  5. If you need it, you have to provide it: Some venues may have projectors or screens available for use for your show, but they are not guaranteed for any venue and you should not expect them to be provided. SFF does not provide props or furniture. We will be able to help you out with a chair/block or two and/or a table. You must ask in advance if you would like to borrow anything.
  6. Tech Schedules: You will receive your tech schedule assignment no later than February 15. All technical rehearsals will take place between Monday, March 20, and Wednesday, March 23. In your Tech Questionnaire, you will have an opportunity to indicate time preferences.  EVERYONE involved with your show must be present at the tech rehearsal.  You must bring all set elements and props to the tech rehearsal.  Should an emergency arise, as a courtesy please let the Festival Production Director know the minute you have any inkling that there is any possibility you might be missing people and/or technical elements at your tech rehearsal.
Click Here for Eclectic Theater Ground Plan  Click on Venue Below For PDF Center TheatreBlack BoxTheatre4Studio
  1. Show/Ticket URL for PR/Marketing Use: SFF will provide you with a URL that will link to your show’s general landing page by January 16. This is the link you will direct people to in all your own show publicity, print on posters/flyers, etc.
  2. All SFF2017 ticket sales run through EventBrite.

    • Seattle Fringe Festival has contracted with EventBrite, an online service, for sale of tickets and to manage the complimentary tickets (comps) issued to shows.
    • Your EventBrite direct ticket links will be given to you no later than January 31, before the tickets officially go live on the EventBrite platform. Your show title & description, maturity rating, ticket price, marketing image, location, showtimes, etc., will be included in your link.
      1. If there are corrections required due to error, you are expected to communicate them to us immediately (by no later than the deadline indicated when your link is conveyed to you).
    • You will be given access to a back-end producer interface for your show link on EventBrite.
      1.  SFF will provide an orientation to using this interface at the February 5 mandatory producer event. We also will make available links to online resources for your self-education.
      2. We recommend you familiarize yourself well with the interface of the EventBrite website and the producer interface you will access/manage. If you are having issues with ticketing, speak with the SFF Volunteer & Box Office Director or with Eventbrite directly.
  3. Handling Fee: For all online and credit card sales, a per-ticket handling fee of <=$2 will be added to the amount due from audience members (the actual amount will be based upon the ticket price you selected at application). This fee will NOT impact the ticket revenue returned to you following the festival.
  4. Comp Holds & Sell-Out Standard: 10% of available seats for each ticketed show are held to accommodate artist comps and Seattle Fringe Festival pass holders/volunteers. 90% of tickets will be on sale until doors for each performance. For example, in a 100 seat venue 90 tickets sold is the maximum possible and is considered a sellout.
  5. Issuing Comps: The issuing comps are within your control and discretion as a producer. You will be provided with a ticket link landing page as well as an individual sign-in so you may track sales and record comp reservations.
  6. Papering the Audience: If you choose to “paper” your audience (i.e. provide comps to fill out your house) please remember this may impact your potential intake of ticket revenue. Some producers choose to paper their audience opening weekend to amplify buzz by friends, family, co-workers, etc. This is entirely your prerogative. We generally do not monitor or supervise your reservations, and you will have control over the back-end management of your show’s ticketing page, so if you made a mistake it is yours to fix!
  7. Box Office Liability: SFF collects and processes box office receipts for producing companies as a volunteer service, only. Any liability for the loss or theft of box office revenue at any time is borne solely by the performing company.
  1. 5 Venues in 2 Neighborhoods are participating in SFF2017:

    • Lower Queen Anne, Seattle Center: Center House Theatre, TPS Black Box, TPS Studio, and Theatre4
    • Capitol Hill: Eclectic Theater
  2. Venue Assignments: SFF will provide your finalized venue assignment, tech, and production schedule by December 24.
  3. Venue Size & Production Fee: Venue size determines your Production Fee.

    • 30-44 Seats Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $300)
    • 45-59 Seats Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $375)
    • 60-89 Seats Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $450)
    • 90-149 Seat Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $525)
    • 150-200 Seat Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $750)

      Producers indicate their preferred venue size in their applications, and SFF schedules accordingly. In rare cases where, to serve Festival priorities or needs, SFF schedules a show into a larger venue than was requested by the Producer at application, SFF will honor the highest Production Fee tier indicated in the Producer’s application. The Production Fee to be paid will be detailed on the Producer Contract, which is the authoritative document for the amount owed.
  4. Scheduling:

    • Each production will be scheduled for and required to participate in a tech rehearsal sometime in the period starting March 20th and ending March 23rd.
    • Each production will be scheduled and expected to be performed for three to five performance slots in the festival between March 23 and April 1.
    • Each group will receive a variety of show times, including peak and off-peak times. Fringe makes no scheduling accommodations for artists doing multiple shows. It is important that your company is available during Fringe operating hours without conflicts. Weekday performances could begin as early as 4:00 PM and end as late as Midnight. Weekend performances could begin as early as 11:00 AM and end as late as Midnight.
    • Duration of Performance: Groups may not increase their show length/running times. The time you list on the application is the maximum time allowed for your show.
    • Venue assignments and schedules are determined at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee based upon venue size(s) requested by producers at the time of application, and we reserve the right to take running time, technical requirements, and other factors into consideration.
    • In the interest of fairness, time slots are assigned to best accommodate each group with the final decision at the discretion of the Festival Steering Committee.
    • Your show will be scheduled into ONE venue and rotated with other shows over the length of the Festival, opening during the first weekend and closing during the last. We are not scheduling late-night slots for SFF2017, but we may add this option for future festivals.
  5. Check your expectations:

    • Festival venues are sparsely appointed spaces.
    • Some Seattle Fringe Festival show venues may be converted spaces.
    • The Festival makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding the suitability of any particular venue for performance presentation.
  6. Storage: There is no storage available in the Festival venues. You must bring everything needed for your show with you and take it all away for each performance. There are no exceptions.
  7. Dressing Rooms / Green Rooms:

    • Most of our venues either do not have a dressing room/green room or -- if they do – what is available is makeshift and/or very small. Producers should have no expectation of access to a dedicated green room / dressing room area.

      1. Producers, artists, and other production participants will not be admitted to the dressing room in advance of their load-in time or permitted to stay after their load-out time.
      2. If you require more elaborate costume or make-up time, you must make accommodations for it off-site and arrive in costume and make-up.
      3. For Burlesque performers, we recommend burlesque performers have a robe to throw on before and after performances.
    • Producers may not use any green room/dressing room to store any props, set pieces, costumes, or other production or personal belongings -- they are available to you only during your production window for each performance (from beginning of load in to end of load out). Make plans to secure your belongings – especially valuables -- at a separate location if you require additional storage time.
    • SFF makes no guarantees regarding the security of these areas: they are not guarded, and they are not locked. SFF recommends using a locking system even within our spaces (ie, a rolling suitcase with a lock.)
  8. Venue Specs: Review your assigned Venue Info and Specs thoroughly. Consider all technical elements. Ask the Festival Production Director every question you have – particularly if you have any doubt about whether the venue can support your plan in its current state. If you show up at tech with a surprise, we cannot guarantee that your needs will be accommodated. Plan ahead and communicate often. Say, for example that you show up with…

    •  …a SMALL ELEPHANT that you’d like to store. Remember, SFF promises no storage at any of the venues. Now, that small elephant… if you’re bringing one, you must contact the Festival Production Director as soon as possible to let him know. We’ll do our best to try to accommodate special requests, but we cannot make any guarantees. What we absolutely can guarantee is that if you don’t communicate special requests or unusual needs early, it will certainly be too late for us to do anything to even think about trying to accommodate your request once you arrive.
    • NOTE TO GROUPS ASSIGNED TO THE TPS STUDIO VENUE: The Studio space is our only converted space in SFF2017. As such, it will have a different technical set-up. Please review details about this in the Handbook section on "Tech." The Studio is a carpeted space with an 8x8 platform added for the stage. Chairs will be arranged in a manner set by SFF -- prioritizing clear emergency exit and safety of audience and performers. There will be no per-show adjustments to configuration. If you would like more detail about the configuration of audience to platform closer to production, contact the Festival Production Director.
SFF pays 100% of gross tickets sales from Producer’s 2017 Seattle Fringe Festival performances to Producer. All individuals who will receive payments for productions must submit a federal Form W-9 in order to be paid. Completed W-9 forms must be received by finance@tpsonline.org no later than January 10. Access the W-9 form here: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf. Excepting delays such as noted below, TPS will return revenue funds to Producer by check dated and mailed no later than May 5, 2017.

  • Payment Delay Due to Cause or Liability & Collection of Money Owed:
  • All Producer obligations to SFF, TPS, and the Venue must be cleared and signed off on in writing by the Festival Production Director, the SFF Steering Committee Chair, and TPS Deputy Executive Director prior to payment release. Producer is responsible for ensuring that all obligations are met and that there are no outstanding liabilities or payments due pertaining to any aspect of Producer’s participation in SFF2017.
  • As SFF’s fiscal agent responsible for risk management, TPS reserves the right to delay release of revenue payment to Producer if there are any substantive items outstanding, items needing to be returned to SFF or a venue, damages to be addressed or resolved with Producer, or other open suits/risk/liabilities of any kind. Notice of delays will be communicated in writing, to include the reason for delay and requirements to be met for fund release to occur.
  • If there is money owed to SFF or TPS by Producer or any person affiliated with Producer’s show, TPS reserves the right to collect payment by means of a documented line-item deduction on the Producer’s revenue pay-out check. In this event, our records will show the reported compensation amount as the total gross revenue and the item deducted as a separate invoiced item.
At year’s end, TPS will issue 1099 tax forms to each individual act/performer whose total SFF2017 gross revenue is $600 or more. You are responsible for your own personal taxes on income.

2017 Seattle Fringe Festival Steering Committee

Joshua Tyler Hardwick
Festival Production Director
D’Arcy Harrison
PR & Marketing Director and Steering Committee Chair
Casey DeCaire
Volunteer & Box Office Director
Rachel Alquist
Development & Fundraising Director
General Info:

Theatre Puget Sound (TPS)

Shane Regan, Program Manager
Rex Carleton, Technical Director

Seattle Fringe Festival is a direct program of Theatre Puget Sound, a 501c3 non-profit organization.