2017 Application Info


UNJURIED: SFF participants are selected through blind lottery.
UNCENSORED: Artists control 100% of their content!



Please review this information carefully.



  • Applications Open to Western Washington Producing Artists 
  • Register HERE!
  • Registration Opens: October 14, 2016
  • Registration Closes: November 4, 2016 – 11:59 PM
  • NEW! Registration EXTENDED thru November 11, 11:59 PM!
  • Lottery Drawing Party: November 13 At Solo Bar!

Submissions made through the Application Form will be entered into a Random Lottery Drawing for the chance to produce three to five (3-5) performances in the 2017 Seattle Fringe Festival, scheduled March 23 – Apr 1. To be among the first to know who will be performing, join us for the Drawing Party at Solo Bar on Sunday, November 13, starting at 6:00 PM and finishing when we’re done!



  • Through NOV 4, 2016, 11:59 PM ~ Lottery Application Fee On-Time Remittance = $25
    • Entrants who have paid this amount by deadline have no further money due and are eligible for the lottery drawing.
    • Entrants who do not remit their Lottery Application Fee by this deadline will be assessed a $15 late fee. If the artist later pays the on-time remittance but has not yet paid the late fee, the late fee will be deducted from their revenue prior to pay-out after the festival.
  • NOV 5 to NOV 11, 2016, 11:59 PM ~ Lottery Application Fee Late Remittance = $40
    • Entrants who did not remit their Lottery Application Fee by Nov 4, 2016, 11:59 PM, are required to pay this amount.
    • Application Form closes at the end of this period.
  • NOV 12 to NOV 13 , 11:00 AM ~ Lottery Application Fee Late Remittance = $40 (last call )
    • Entrants who have not paid the late remittance by Nov 13, 2016, 11:00 AM, are ineligible to participate in the Festival and will not be entered into the lottery drawing.
    • No new applications are accepted during this window.
  • DEC 3 ~ Production Fee – Based On Venue Size selected in your Entrance Registration.



All withdrawals from The Festival must be made in writing by the production’s primary contact. If a production selected for the 2017 Fringe Festival withdraws, eligibility for and percentage of refund are determined by the date notification is received by the Festival’s Steering Committee, as follows:

  • On or before JAN 1 = 50% refund of the PRODUCTION FEE
  • JAN 2 to FEB 14 = 25% refund of the PRODUCTION FEE
  • On or after FEB 15 = 0% refund (100% forfeit of the PRODUCTION FEE)
  • There will be no refund of the LOTTERY APPLICATION FEE at any time.



At least one person from each producing group must attend each of these non-performance events.

  • Intro Meeting: early January, date TBA
  • Early February: TBA
  • Early March: TBA
  • Tech Week: March 20-23
  • Opening Party: TBA
  • Closing Party: April 2



The Seattle Fringe Festival takes place March 23 – April 1, 2017. Tech rehearsals begin March 20. Applicants must be conflict-free during those dates to apply. No schedule accommodations are guaranteed.

Applications to perform in the 2017 Seattle Fringe Festival will be accepted only online via this entry form and only until 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time, on November 4, 2016.

Be mindful of deadlines; they are absolute. All deadlines are times by which the Festival Committee must have received your items.


Only one application will be accepted from each company.

We are exclusively accepting Western Washington-based producers for the 2017 Festival.

You may only apply as a producer or producing company for one show. (i.e., you may only submit ONE show; you cannot produce a show under your name and another under your company name.) Each application must have a different Company Name and main point of contact to be considered. Artists are permitted to participate in multiple projects, but schedule accommodations are not guaranteed.

Groups may not sell their Seattle Fringe Festival slot under any circumstances.


To be considered for the Lottery, your ENTIRE application must be filled out in full.

A non-refundable LOTTERY APPLICATION FEE of $25 is required to apply to perform in the 2017 Seattle Fringe Festival (Starting November 5, a $15 late fee is incurred, bringing the total amount to be paid to $40.)  

Seattle Fringe Festival artists are selected by a fair, blind lottery at Solo Bar on November 13.

Wait List

A WAIT LIST of producers will also be drawn at the lottery, and applicants on the WAIT LIST will be notified if a performance slot becomes available.

The waitlist order is determined by order drawn in original lottery.

You may withdraw from the waitlist at any time. Groups that withdraw from the waitlist will not be refunded their $25 Lottery Application Fee.

Production Fee

If your production is offered a spot in the festival, your PRODUCTION FEE will be due no fewer than 20 days from the date of the lottery draw.

Producers selected in the lottery will be invoiced a PRODUCTION FEE based upon the venue and performance slot they have selected. The PRODUCTION FEE must be received by the Festival within 20 days of invoice OR their performance slot will be forfeited unless they have a written agreement with the Fringe Festival Steering Committee to pay thee PRODUCTION FEE at a later date


Each production will be scheduled for and required to participate in a tech rehearsal sometime in the period starting March 20 and ending March 23.

Each applicant selected in the lottery to perform in the 2017 Seattle Fringe Festival will be scheduled and expected to perform for three to five performance slots in the festival between March 23 and April 1

Each group will receive a variety of show times, including peak and off-peak times. Fringe makes no scheduling accommodations for artists doing multiple shows. It is important that your company is available during Fringe operating hours without conflicts. Weekday performances could begin as early as 4:00 PM and end as late as Midnight. Weekend performances could begin as early as 11:00 AM and end as late as Midnight.

Duration of Performance: Groups may not increase their show length/running times. The time you list on the application is the maximum time allowed for your show.

Venues & Production Fees

If you are selected in the lottery for participation, Seattle Fringe Festival will provide you with your venue assignment in mid December.

Some Seattle Fringe Festival show venues may be converted spaces.

Preferred Venue Size: The size of the venue you request determines your Production Fee. Please make note of the Production Fee amount for the venue size you have selected. You will need to be able to provide this information when you make your payment.

  • 30-44 Seats Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $300)
  • 45-59 Seats Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $375)
  • 60-89 Seats Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $450)
  • 90-149 Seat Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $525)
  • 150-200 Seat Venue (PRODUCTION FEE: $750)

The Festival makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding the suitability of any particular venue for performance presentation.


The applicant will select a ticket price to charge for their event of $10 to $15. For all online and credit card sales, a per-ticket handling fee of <=$2 will be added to the amount due, based upon the ticket price you select.  This fee will  NOT impact the ticket revenue returned to you following the festival.

Seattle Fringe Festival has contracted with EventBrite, an online service, for sale of tickets and to manage the comps issued to  shows. Details forthcoming.

10% of available seats for each ticketed show are held to accommodate artist comps and Seattle Fringe Festival pass holders/volunteers. 90% of tickets will be on sale until doors for each performance. For example, in a 100 seat venue 90 tickets sold is the maximum possible and is considered a sellout.

Box Office Liability

The Seattle Fringe Festival collects and processes box office receipts for producing companies as a volunteer service, only. Any liability for the loss or theft of box office revenue at any time is borne solely by the performing company.

Board Tech

Upon request, Seattle Fringe Festival will provide a Fringe-assigned board technician; however, the Festival does not guarantee that any production will have the same technician work its entire run. If you provide your own board technician, this person may be supervised by a SFF technician, at the Festival Production Director’s discretion.

Rights & Royalties

Artist groups are responsible for securing all rights, royalties, copyrights, and union waivers for published works or Equity actors. Groups are responsible for providing a copy of these rights and royalties no later than January 10, 2017. Proof of rights & Royalties must be submitted to PR/Marking Director D’Arcy Harrison along with your marketing information (details about this submission requirement will be provided to groups selected for production). Failure to secure rights is grounds for removal of your show from the Festival.

Required Acknowledgment

Seattle Fringe Festival logo must be present on all posters, handbills, and programs for each group.

All promotional and publicity materials must include and prominently feature the following language:

“[COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL], in association with the Seattle Fringe Festival, a program of Theatre Puget Sound, presents [TITLE].”

Cancellation: Rights & Liability

The Seattle Fringe Festival reserves the right to eliminate applications or cancel confirmed participants should circumstances arise which, in the opinion of the Festival’s Steering Committee, would jeopardize or otherwise interfere with the mounting of either the production or the Festival as a whole.

The Festival will accept no liability for performance cancellations as a result of natural phenomena or the actions of third parties or as a result of a performance venue’s suitability or lack thereof for any particular purpose.

In the event of a loss of a venue (or an unforeseen loss of Festival revenue needed to operate a venue) the Festival reserves the right to cancel all performances scheduled for that venue. In such an event, groups affected by the cancellation will be placed at the top of the WAIT LIST, or — at their discretion — may withdraw from the Festival and receive a full refund of their PRODUCTION FEE. The performing company releases the Seattle Fringe Festival, our Community Partners, and the employees, officers, and agents from any and all liability for any personal injury or death, damage to or loss of property, claims for damage to or loss of property incurred during or connected to the Seattle Fringe Festival.

Production Spots are Non-Transferable

Applicants accepted into the Seattle Fringe Festival cannot sell or transfer their spot in the Festival to another party. If a company or individual artist is found to have sold or transferred its spot, both groups will be disqualified and removed from the Festival, and 100% of the Production Fee will be forfeited to the Festival.


All companies and their participating members agree to adhere to the laws of the State of Washington (United States), and the policies, procedures, and safety restrictions of the Seattle Fringe Festival, Theater Puget Sound, and the owners of the venue spaces.

All companies and their participating members are obligated to act in the best interests of the Festival as a whole at all times.

The Seattle Fringe Festival reserves the right to cancel any or all performances of any performing company not adhering to these regulations.  

Failure to Meet Requirements

Upon acceptance to the Seattle Fringe Festival, participants are required to submit all requested materials, fees, and information in full and on time. Failure to do so may result in elimination from the Festival.


Seattle Fringe Festival issues 1099 tax forms to each individual act/performer who is paid $600 or more during the Festival. Artists are responsible for their own personal taxes on income.

More Info Coming Soon!

All 2017 artists will be provided with an Artist Handbook after the lottery. This will include disbursement /payment forms, tech forms, deadline information, and FAQs pertaining to participation in the 2017 Festival. (Artists who come off the waitlist will receive the handbook after they come off the waitlist.)

FAQ about Seattle Fringe Festival is forthcoming.

Have an Immediate Question?

For questions, comments, or concerns please contact Production Director Joshua Hardwick or PR/Marketing Director D’Arcy Harrison.