2016 Fest Closes & Awards

The Seattle Fringe Festival 2016 is officially closed!   We are ecstatic to announce the awards presented at our Closing Party…. MVP VOLUNTEER is JAY SHEPHERD and BEST FEST TECH is MARY HEFFERNAN (pictured below) The SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE goes to LEAH-ADCOCK STARR of “The Life and Many Deaths […]




It is important to give yourself extra time for parking+ finding venues so you arrive early or on time.  Why you ask? THERE IS NO LATE SEATING. Shows need to start as on time as possible to keep the days schedule of shows running smoothly. Producing artists have limited time […]

The Truth Behind the FULL SHOWBERGER

Philip Schallberger shares with us the raw truth behind the inspiration to do FULL SHOWBERGER at Annex Theatre with Seattle Fringe Festival 2016! INFO+TIX: http://seattlefringefestival.org/full-showberger/ “I was inspired to make this show because I had been doing solo-sketch comedy for a while, and I wanted to see how well it all […]



Our Sponsors+Partners

Seattle Fringe Festival 2016 would NOT be possible without the generous support of its community, organizations, individuals and businesses. For two months, SFF2016 fundraised via Indiegogo and garnered over $3500 to support the independent producing artists presenting shows through the festival. Learn more here about our amazing sponsors and partners! […]

Frequently Asked Questions…Answered!

WHAT IS THE SEATTLE FRINGE FESTIVAL?  Seattle Fringe Festival 2016 supports the independent local production of over 20 live shows on Capitol Hill (Annex Theatre+Eclectic Theater) & in the lower level of the Seattle Center Armory. All of SFF2016 shows are produced locally and predominantly chosen via a random lottery. The aim […]


Lazarus and His Girlfriend-picture2

The Last Play Jim Moran Wrote in His 30’s 1

Jim Moran, writer and producer of “Lazarus and His Girlfriend” talks about his show! INFO+TIX: http://seattlefringefestival.org/lazarus-and-his-girlfriend/ “When that big 4-0 is around the corner, it’s not the easiest thing to face that revelation that you very well may have reached that point in the road where more of your life is behind you […]

SUPER Fringe Fan Mike Gilson!

Here is an interview with SUPER fringe fan + 5 show fest pass holder Mike Gilson (pictured here with his printed CalendarPDF) Click for 5 Show Fest Pass (a discount of $10 to see 5 shows). How would you describe yourself, Mike Gilson? “I am a pretty avid theatre person. I […]



Watch for “Blue Paint!”

Learn more about Blue Paint on their show page and BUY TIX: http://seattlefringefestival.org/blue-paint/ “Opposites attract. That’s science. Relationships take work. That’s life. Maggie is all heart and Thomas is all brain. We look in on this odd yet appropriately matched couple during two different stages of their relationship as they try […]

“DUMP” This!

A Little Burlesque takes you to the DUMP! More Info +Tickets: http://seattlefringefestival.org/dump/ A Little Burlesque is back and ready to get dirty! Our newest foray into narrative burlesque extravaganza. DUMP is an exploration of non-conventional beauty amidst the filth of existence. DUMP was conceived in a cheesy pizza malaise surrounded by […]



Why a “Worry Machine?”

Why Worry? Throw Your Cares Away with The Worry Machine. More info + tickets: http://seattlefringefestival.org/worry-machine/ My inspiration for The Worry Machine rose from years of experience in the field of anxiety. I’ve always found myself unnecessarily concerned with most banal matters. I was hoofing it up Denny Hill trying to walk […]


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Artist Schedule (Better 1 Page)

Anna Graphic [1476 x 1200] 300 dpi

Shawnmarie HAD to do “Anna and the Sea”

Hear from Shawnmarie Stanton about why she felt compelled to produce and perform, “Anna and the Sea,”….. (more info on the show and ticket link here: http://seattlefringefestival.org/anna-and-the-sea/) “Sometimes the moment you stop believing is also the moment you start doing. That seems to be what happened to me. After viewing life […]

Why is Rough Magic Making “Life +Many Deaths of Peter Pan?” 1

Leah Adcock-Starr of Rough Magic Productions answers the big question….. What Inspired you to produce  “THE LIFE AND MANY DEATHS OF PETER PAN?” “The answer to this is twofold and has everything to do with Leah the kiddo and Leah the play maker and the place where they meet up to […]


Self-Composed Marketing Image

Why is Lyssandra Norton Producing “Self-Composed”?

Lyssandra Norton, writer, producer and director of “Self-Composed” illuminates why she is so passionate about this show….. “What inspired me to produce this show was the idea that becoming a person is an important step in everyone’s life regardless of what your ‘damage’ is. So often shows have a transgender […]

The Artspiration Behind The Libertinis “Uncle Seagull”

The amazing inter-arts gang THE LIBERTINIS who clown, art, act, write and burlesque their way into our hearts every time they perform- explains the passion behind creating “Uncle Seagull”…. “Uncle Seagull was birthed where all great “artspirations” come forth: between bong hits on Hattie HellKat’s front porch! Someone dropped a […]


fringe graphic 9

Inspiration for “In Love With Chekhov”

Hear from the Producer, Paul Taylor, of “In Love With Chekhov” and why he was compelled to do THIS show at Seattle Fringe Festival 2016: “…..’In Love With Chekhov” is quite simply my love for the writings of Anton Chekhov. He gives us a scrappy, insightful and irreverent commentary on current […]

Why Craig Loves Producing “Totally Solid Gold!”

Busted Ankle Dancer Producer and Performer of “Totally Sold Gold!” Craig Trolli shares with us what compelled him to do a parody of the 80’s TV show… TICKET LINK: click4tix.com/fringe/gold “Growing up, I used to watch Solid Gold every week.  I remember either Olivia Newton-John or one of her songs was […]



David Gassner’s Inspiration to Remount “An Oak Tree”

Hear from Producer David Gassner of the Radial Theater Project talk about his show “An Oak Tree!” TICKET LINK: click4tix.com/fringe/oaktree “I love the Edinburgh Festival. I’ve been going periodically ever since I got to perform there a couple of times during and just after college. Since then, I’ve attended as an […]

“Dragon Lady: I’m Going To Kill You” Spotlight

Hear from the writer, producer and performer Sara Porkalob about her show “Dragon Lady: I’m Going To Kill You,” performing at Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory this Feb 25-Mar 5. TICKET LINK:  click4tix.com/fringe/dragon Here Sara  speaks about her inspiration for creating this show: “It’s my senior year at Cornish and […]



5 Show Fest Pass= Super Fringe Fan!

Are you a SUPER fringe fan? You are!? Well we sure do think you deserve some lovin’ for seeing a ton of SFF2016 shows. If you buy a 5 SHOW FEST PASS for $40 you see 5 shows for the price of 4! CLICK HERE TO BUY A 5 SHOW FEST […]