“Dragon Lady: I’m Doing To Kill You” Inspiration

Hear from the writer, producer and performer Sara Porkalob about her show “Dragon Lady: I’m Going To Kill You,” performing at Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory this Feb 25-Mar 5. Buy tickets here: TICKET LINK: click4tix.com/fringe/dragon Here Sara  speaks about her inspiration for creating this show: “It’s my senior year at Cornish […]



5 Show Fest Pass= Super Fringe Fan!

Are you a SUPER fringe fan? You are!? Well we sure do think you deserve some lovin’ for seeing a ton of SFF2016 shows. If you buy a 5 SHOW FEST PASS for $40 you see 5 shows for the price of 4! CLICK HERE TO BUY A 5 SHOW FEST […]

Fringe Fest Maps

This year Seattle Fringe Festival 2016 has 2 “campuses.” We have 2 theatre venues on Capitol Hill (Annex and Eclectic) and 3 venues inside the Seattle Center Armory. Take a look at the maps of them below! You can also check out SHOWS, LOCATIONS AND SHOWTIMES HERE or download the CALENDAR PDF […]



Seattle Fringe Festival Shows and Showtimes!

 MAPS of VENUES // CALENDAR PDF CLICK TO BUY $10 SHOW TICKETS Click for 5 Show Fest Pass ________________________________________________  *Click on A Show Title For Age Recommendations, Summaries, & more! * ____________________________________  ____________________________________ SHOWS AT TPS CENTER THEATRE at Seattle Center Armory Radial Theater Project Presents An Oak Tree 2/26 7pm, 2/27 7pm, 3/4 […]

Artist Roster and Venue Assignments

CLICK HERE FOR SHOWS, SHOW INFO, LOCATIONS AND SHOWTIMES BUY TICKETS AT www.click4tix.com/fringe Here is the Roster Of Producing Artists and their Venue Assignments for Seattle Fringe Festival 2016 in Feb/March! #DoTheFringe #SFF2016 ON CAPITOL HILL ANNEX Theatre Evelyn DeHais -Mad Scientist Cabaret Bailey Freeman -Love Snack Presents: Illuminati The […]



Our Venues are….

Theatre Puget Sound’s Seattle Center Theatre, Black Box and Conference Room Theater on Lower Queen Anne (in the Seattle Center Armory Building)    Eclectic Theater and Annex Theatre on Capitol Hill  Check out more details at facebook.com/SeattleFringeFestival or @SeaFringe on Twitter  


Seattle Fringe Festival presents two weekends Feb 26-Mar 6 2016  of independent, and locally sourced live performance. Low ticket prices and producing fees keep innovative art accessible to everyone. The shows are predominantly chosen by random lottery and 100% of ticket revenue is returned to the artists. Performances will be […]


This Just IN! 1

Announcing a brand new website for the Seattle Fringe Festival, Feb. 25 – March 6, 2016!

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